Helpful Links for the Social Security PASS (FAQ)

Looking for valuable resources and guidance to navigate the Social Security Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)? Look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful links that will assist you in understanding and applying for the PASS:
  1. Social Security Administration (SSA) Official Website: Access the official SSA website to obtain comprehensive information about the PASS program. Find details about eligibility requirements, application procedures, and program benefitsThe official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration
    Work site:
  2. PASS Program Overview: Gain a clear understanding of social security benefits and the PASS program through this concise overview. Learn about its purpose, benefits, and how it can assist you in achieving your vocational goals.Understanding the benefits:
    PASS Pamphlet:
    Working While Disabled: How We Can Help
  3. PASS Application Forms: Find direct access to the required application forms for the PASS program. Ensure you have the necessary documents and information to complete your application accurately.Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Application-
    Elements of a Plan to Achieve Self-Support-
  4. PASS Plan Development Guide: Explore this guide to learn how to develop a well-structured and compelling PASS plan. Discover tips and best practices for crafting a plan that aligns with your vocational aspirations and financial needs.Using PASS:
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Access a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about the PASS program. Get answers to common queries and clarify any doubts you may have before proceeding with your application.PASS FAQ:
    PASS & Ticket Guide:
  6. Local Social Security Office Locator: Use this tool to find the nearest Social Security office in your area. Schedule an appointment or visit the office to receive personalized assistance and guidance regarding the PASS program.PASS Cadre Contacts:

Remember, these helpful links are designed to provide you with valuable information and resources to support your journey with the Social Security PASS.

Disclaimer: Please note that while these resources are intended to be helpful, it’s always advisable to consult with a qualified professional or directly contact the Social Security Administration for specific guidance tailored to your unique situation.